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About Me

Mr. Johnson AKA “Coach Carlos” is a professional speaker, trainer, author, and educator. “Coach Carlos” and his team of consultants have utilized his experience and research in school culture to successfully turn around three failing public schools and one private Christian academy. His trainings and strategies helped to change school culture, increase parental engagement, student enrollment and student retention.

His driving belief is:

“After 20 years of research all evidence confirms that a highly engaged school culture is the mother of High-performance!” The research and results from this philosophy led him to create his systematic approach to revolutionizing school culture by teaching districts how to institutionalize teacher-student engagement. A system he calls “PowerEngage!”

In addition to working with district leaders and instructional teams Mr. Johnson’s on-line parent training “” trains hundreds of parents and instructional teams each year on the psychology and practice of teacher-student engagement. In response to the national school-to-prison pipeline crisis for young men, in 2015 Mr. Johnson stepped into the Principalship position to lead the Male Leadership Academy. Utilizing his research and experience in stakeholder engagement he doubled school enrollment, transformed school culture, and increased student performance school wide in just three short years.

To support other schools with enrollment and performance he launched the on-line life skills leadership course for boys called Future Man Success Prep.

“Coach Carlos’s” purpose to transform institutions and individuals is obvious and when he speaks or trains his passion is infectious.

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